Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vacation Bible School!

This week I've been out of the house by 6:45, up and at 'em for VBS.
What a blast this experience has been.
I have learned so much about myself, my church, God's people, and more...
just as I do every year at VBS.
I am so blessed to belong to such an amazing church. The love, thoughtfulness, servant-hood, and genuine love for Christ just shines from the people at The Moody Church.
The people of the church are what brought us there and has kept us there for several years now.
Leaving the church, in which we are involved and have grown spiritually so much, will be THE hardest part about moving to Moline.
My time serving as the director of VBS will be forever in my memory and will all of the many amazing times we've had, the wonderful friendships we've made, and above all, the immense spiritual growth we have experienced at our church.
Praise God that we will be there for about another year.

One more day of VBS! Please pray for the hundreds of children and volunteers who are coming through our doors tomorrow, and who have been here throughout the week.
It has been an amazing time!

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Life with Ash and Ave said...

So glad that you were able to stay and take on this commitment. I'm sure you are doing a fabulous job!