Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Post Just Because

Well, school's out, summer's here, and I've been enjoying being lazy! My first day off, Thursday, was spent sleeping in, working out, and doing grad homework for four hours. I hear about people in my classes who work, parent, and do homework, and I really don't understand how that's feasible. God bless you folks! Friday, I got a couple good books at the library and laid out at the pool.

I'm officially ready for summer to begin after those two relaxing days and this coming week starts my busy summer schedule or friends to see, meetings (VBS) to plan and attend, and several French Horn lessons to teach...even some training workshops at school to attend.

I know a post isn't very exciting without pictures, so I thought I'd take this post to show you all one of my favorite rooms in our new house...which we still don't know when we'll move in to, but it's our house, nonetheless. :)

It's a little mini-room near the attic that is kid-sized. I hope to use it as a kid's craft room. I want to paint it white (instead of mint green!!) and then from there, let the creative juices flow, letting the kid(s) color the walls however they want. I know we don't have kids yet, especially not ones old enough to "craft," but the room is there if God decides for us to go down that path. This room is very short and cute and the workbench/tables are kid-height. I get kind of claustrophobic in there, so I always like to leave the door open...

...but if you do close the door, you can see this little bell up near the ceiling. It connects to a button in the kitchen which Marcus's great-grandmother would ring when it was dinner time to alert her hubby (who was hard of hearing) to come down. I'm not sure if kids ever used this room or not, but the room attached to it (which you can kind of see in the first pic behind Marcus) was used as a dark room for Great-Grandfather to develop his photography (there are two such dark rooms in the house).

Someday we'll live in this peculiar, fascinating home! I'll try to post pics and stories about the various rooms throughout the summer...

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The Hangs said...

that is WAY cool and WAY fun. I especially LOVE the bell idea. I can't wait to "meet" your new house. :)