Sunday, October 5, 2008


Sunday was another super fun-filled day, but I didn't really take many pics. We started off the day with breakfast at Britt and Dan's. YUM YUM pancakes...and my fave quote from the morning was when my sis, while attempting to flip a pancake slipped a little and made a pancake into a pancake-burrito-omelette shaped thing, shouted, "This is a NIGHTMARE!!!" haha. I totally thought something was on fire or something. Don't worry, that did happen later in the cooking extravaganza. :)

Then, we headed to church with them. On the way out, I took this weird pic of Marcus. I completely cannot remember the context of this face.

I candidly snapped this one while walking across Clark Street. From right to left: Dan, Marcus, Brittney, Leah.

After church we headed up to Mundelein to Lindsey and Becca's apartment where we met up w/ the Anderson clan again- completed this time with Marcus's bro and his wife, Scott and Robin. From there we proceeded to Corner Bakery for a nice lunch.

Upon returning to our apartment around 5, we crashed for a quick nap, and then Marcus headed off to band practice and I headed off to Jewel. I stayed in my car in the parking lot listening to the Sox game until the very end.

THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!! GO WHITE SOX!!!!!

Now I am just waiting for Marcus to get back (and I will go do some homework) and then we will head out to meet some friends for coffee.

What a great weekend! I can't wait for next weekend...Pentwater, MI, here we come!!

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sarah lynn said...

sounds like such a perfect weekend! i miss our coffee dates!!

p.s. now i'm craving some pancakes! ;)