Sunday, October 5, 2008


On Saturday the Anderson clan came into Deerfield for Trinity's homecoming. Marcus and I showed up a couple of hours before the Andersons along with Kevin and Rachel, and Brittney and Dan. It was really fun (and somewhat odd and definitely nostalgic, as well) to see so many alumni. It was really a special day. And to top it off, we definitely came home with sunburns!

Our niece Katie...the baby just keeps growing up!

The girls were rolling down the hills in an attempt to find entertainment at Travis's soccer game.
There's Travvy!! So cute, Team Captain!

The ref Here is Travis disagreeing with him (I think).

My sis and me! Trinity Alum!

Fun times watching soccer.

One of my fave pics of Maddy's shoes...

Marcus and Travis

Becca and Travis

Later that night we went over to the hotel where Marcus's parents were staying so the girls could swim. We had fun socializing while the girls (and some adults) had fun swimming. :)

I'm not sure why, but Katie kept wanting to show me her rear end. :)

A totally cute sisters pic!

...and this one was Emma's idea for a pose...(Missy, let me know if you want this one OFF the internet!) I think they maybe had spent too much time with Uncle Marcus that day...

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