Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just a few little tidbits.

1. When we came home from Moline after Thanksgiving, our kitchen looked like this:

...mind you, when we left, it was spic and span. :) Hmm...weird things happen when you leave for five days. The maintenance folks are still trying to figure it out. Here's to eating out for a few days!

2. Then today at work my eye turned pink, I went to the doctor and he says I have pink eye.

3. My bestest best friend forever had her baby!!! I haven't got to meet her yet (much to my dismay, she went in to labor as we were driving out of Moline!!) I'm so happy, regardless!! Can't wait to meet her!
These are pics I stole from her facebook:

Congrats!! I love you guys!!! Can't wait to come meet the little babe. Doesn't Joni look good in that gown!? ;)

1 comment:

The Hangs said...

she totally was rockin' that gown!! nice job... and thanks for putting poop on your blog! :) haha... here's to eating out! CHEERS!