Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's just a "thing"

I know it's only a "thing" and I shouldn't be so upset.
At least it's not a human or something that "really matters."
Plus, I shouldn't have had "it" out and about like I did because it is supposed to stay at school.
But still.
I am upset.
I am frustrated.
I am sad.
I am a bit panicky.

I LOST my camera. :(
...except, it's the school's camera...not mine.

Please pray for it to be found.
Are you allowed to pray for things like that?

And I had good holiday pics on it that I haven't downloaded yet!
I was going to post them on the blog!
Humph! *sitting with arms crossed with a pouty face*

1 comment:

The Hangs said...

i can pray for GOd's will to be done!! :) Don't panic!