Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Craftiness

What do you do when it's pumpkin carving night and your pumpkin looks like this?

You make a pumpkin craft instead!

Cut out some orange felt.

Using embroidery floss, hand stitch some curves of the pumpkin.

Lay on some ribbon and a button.

Munch on some Halloween M&Ms.

Warm up the hot glue gun.

Glue on some backing to hide all of the stitches.

Hot glue the pumpkin onto a headband or pin or any other decoration thingy you want.

Put some easy Pillsbury cookies into the oven.

Have your sister try on the headband!

Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

The Hangs said...

CUTE!!! Kayleigh likes the pumpkin!