Friday, October 30, 2009


Doodly doo.
This is my current new phrase.
It means "you know- that thing I don't feel like explaining..."
As in "Let's go to the store for those doodly-doos..."

But, lately, doodly-doo has taken on a new meaning.
Think "Googly-bear" from Monsters Inc.
It means "little cutie-patootie-darling-too-cute-for-words"

In my life, I currently have two doodly-doos.
When I see these two, I always address them with "Hi doodly-doo!" (in a high-pitched baby voice).

First, there is Annika. My sister nannies for her and in Brittney's words, "She just kills me."
This little doodly-doo (there it is, in context) is simply a riot and gosh darn adorable.

The second doodly-doo in my life is my sister's cat, Pepper. She is also so darn adorable. She is the sweetest little cat I have ever met. She just sleeps and snuggles ALL day and never does anything else. She is so small, almost like a kitten, and has the cutest blue eyes.

Gee, it sort of seems like the doodly-doos in my life are really in my sister's life. Hmm.
Do you have any doodly-doos in your life?


The Hangs said...

YOU are my doodly-doo!
I like that word.
Nice job making that up.
Reminds me of doo-dad.
But I wouldn't call someone a doo-dad... that doesnt sound as nice...
I'll have to try it out today and see how people respond. I'll let you know. :)

Doctor Andy Nixon said...

i love those doodly doos!