Friday, February 13, 2009

Mortgaging Our Sanity

Howdy ho, all!

Today I am home for the afternoon! It feels great to be done with conferences and have a 3 (and a half?) day weekend ahead of me. It is much needed.

I got a lovely email last night from good ole' TIU stating that since I am taking only one class this semester (lazy me, I know) my loans have been returned. Fabulous. So now, I owe $1,300. Well, that is just perfect considering we are trying to figure things out for a MORTGAGE. So, naturally (or not naturally, but graciously) I prayed about it all day today that things would somehow work out. I mean, we sure don't have a spare $1300 laying around just dying to go into TIU's pocket (they've already gotten so much!). :) So, I went to Trinity after work and said that I need to setup a payment plan. Well, long story short, no I don't. AND, I can pay as little or as much as I want or can until the semester is over. Well isn't that dandy! :) No payment plan, or having to pay it all upfront (which was my fear), but just send in the money when I get it.
Okay, I can handle that.

On the mortgage front, we are waiting to hear if we are pre-approved. If you know of anyone who's going to be looking to rent a house in Moline, IL for the next year or so, please let us know. If you don't, please help us pray for someone! :)

If you are confused by all of this, that is understandable, because I am leaving out many details (intentionally). I will update readers more when things start happening...and maybe still somewhat vaguely as you never know who reads these things. :)

Happy day to all! Enjoy your Valentines Eve! I will be spending mine at the gym and getting caught up on The Office I missed last night while Marcus is playing a show up in Kenosha.


The Hangs said...

not to ruin you wonderful evening but The Office stunk last night. Watch something else. :) Like Erica's blog. :) haha...

Life with Ash and Ave said...

Okay, you know you are going to have to fill me on Tuesday regardless if you want to...because you are not allowed to move away ever. :)