Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow, it's been awhile!

Today I had some guilt about blogging, because I am wearing my shirt that says "I am so blogging this" and in reality I haven't blogged in over a month!

So, here I am. :)

I am all moved, mostly settled in, and life is good.

I've unpacked lots of stuff (almost done!), decorated, rearranged, and more. The house is still in disarray, but at least it's organized, livable chaos.

My life is busy with the some of the usual things, but mostly lots of new fun things. My days (and nights) are kept busy by the following:

1. Grad school homework (only one year to go!)

2. VBS (this is my last year...I mean it this time!), which I am planning from afar- still at the Moody Church in Chicago. I'll head back there in August to witness the event!

3. Internship: I've been interning with Congressman Phil Hare's Moline office on Mondays and Tuesdays and will do this through the end of July. I absolutely love it! It's a lot of that "intern" stuff...filing, mailing, sorting, but it's really interesting and I'm learning a lot. I've also never worked in an office before, so this is a fun new experience.

4. Babysitting: On Wednesdays through Fridays, I am taking care of my BEST friend's baby. It is so fun that my best friend (and our other mutual best pal) have all moved back to Moline and are having babies. I'm watching her baby and then our other friend, who's having her baby in early July, will add her little one to my Wed-Fri gig starting in August (after VBS). This is going to give us a little extra income so I can stay home with Sprout when he/she comes in November. It has been so fun spending the days with Kennedi and I'm so blessed to get to do this.

In attempt to get organized, I've made us a chart, so I don't lose track of the baby, Kedzie, or myself. This will really come in handy when I'm taking care of three babies at once!

5. Last but not least, I am kept busy with my puppy, Kedzie, with whom I am just smitten! She keeps us busy, but she is soooooo cute and fun and doing SO well with training, so we are very proud of her!

I'll keep ya'll posted on Sproutie's sex, which we will find out in a couple weeks. Here is a picture from two weeks ago when I was officially 4 months.

This pregnancy has been an interesting one for me, to say the least...with everything else going on and dealing with some past issues, it has certainly been a time of relying on God for strength and peace, which is always a great, but difficult learning experience.

One more pic...before I moved my team at work threw me a delightful shower with Sprout as the theme! It was so cute!!


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