Friday, March 12, 2010

A Stroll through the Woods

This morning I got up nice and early (I don't know why, I was just awake) and got ready for work.
I left the house by 7:00! (Maybe for some of you that is not super early, but I thought it was).
Last night's thunderstorms left behind a beautiful fog.
Spring is awakening every part of nature.
On my way to work, I drive through several forest preserves and this morning I saw a Bluejay, a Cardinal, a deer, and several other beautiful things.
I stopped and took some pictures for you all to enjoy. :)


The Hangs said...

Good job Adge!! THe first pic is my favorite. an early morning shoot is on my list of to dos... but when it's warmer. Maybe we can make a date and go together. I'm slightly paranoid about going by myself... to much NCIS. :)

redi durres said...

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