Monday, January 5, 2009

Shopping in town

Amongst the teaching at the Bible College, many huge meals, and evenings with the girls at the orphanage, today we managed to fit in a little shopping! Here are some pics from the time in town.

The streets are incredibly narrow and somehow there are two-way lanes, parking on either side, room for pedestrians and bikers, and more. Below is a picture of a cell phone store. There are farm animals wandering EVERYWHERE and this shows how they are even outside of storefronts, not on farms, where we'd typically see them in the U.S.

Then, right next door to a nice a store, you'd see a big pile of trash, like this. There are no barriers between what is nice and what is somewhat gross. Very different from the states.This shows the narrow roads. This is taken from the steps of a store where I bought some great clothes, which are being tailored to fit each of us. So neat...and so cheap. Five outfits, custom tailored for about $70.
It is late and we really need rest. Good night! :)


Brittney said...

2 way streets!? haha maybe for those motorcycles i see there. the wandering animals are crazy - but cool!
i just checked your blog, i was waiting for an email to say you updated! haha... my bad =/ anyway, i'm glad you guys are safe and having fun so far, we're praying for you! =)

Joyce said...

Hi Adge!

I was just looking through my e-mails and forgot all about your trip to India!!! Sooo sorry!!! Love the pics. I will be praying for the remainder of your trip, that you will see God at work in many ways. Love, Aunt Joyceeee